What the what?

OMG.  I can’t believe that I haven’t posted since May.  It hasn’t felt like that much time has gone by, and yet, it’s December already.  Eek.  So, I probably should catch you up a bit on what has kept me away!

  • Work.  So very busy.  My team is replacing our HR system for the company.  We’re in the throws of getting it done.
  • Kids.  The girls are getting bigger and bigger.  My oldest is almost taller than me.  Gah.  When did that happen?
  • Family.  Parents are getting older.  We traveled to Washington to help move my parents to California.  It was very emotional for them as they feel like they were giving up their independence.  Luckily, my older sisters were able to convince them to move closer to them.  My father in law is also having a hard time.  It’s been a very hard go since my mother in law passed away.  All of a sudden, we’re faced with the reality of aging parents.  No one really prepares you for that.
  • Running.  In addition to my normal volunteer coaching for the half marathon training team, I was asked to take over as our team’s head coach.  It didn’t dawn on me that it would be more work, but it was…rosters, writing weekly emails, answering our participants questions….while worthwhile, took time. I also trained for and ran NYC Marathon this year!  Whew.  If I’m being honest, it’s this last one that kept me away the most.  The additional training drained me and took up a lot of the free time i would normally spend blogging and sewing.  BUT, running NYC was pretty AMAZING.  And I got to do it with my bestie – I’m so thankful that we have this memory to share for the rest of our lives.

SO, I gotta say – I have been REALLY happy to get back into my sewing room.   I’m also looking forward to getting my “life” back under control.  The last few weeks, I’ve been blazing through projects – some of them from my UFO pile!  Yay. 

With the weather cooling down in Richmond, I have been focused on warmer pieces.  I purchased this lambswool fabric some time ago with the thought of making one of those square vests (you know, two squares sewn together at the shoulder and sides with holes for arms, cut the front middle, done!) project.  But, not as simple IRL.  Plus, it looked like I was wearing a big square.  Duh!  BUT, I still loved the idea of the lambswool vest, so the square pieces were unpicked and set aside.  Then I came across this pattern and LOVED the dress.  Snatched it up immediately.  Cut the dress out (coming soon).  Then noticed that the vest was pretty cute and I immediately checked if I could salvage my square pieces of lambswool.  It worked!  Here it is on it’s first outing to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art.  That’s the Chihuily installation in the background.  Beautiful, isn’t it?  (The Chihuily that is!). Because I made my vest in a heavier fabric, it doesn’t drape like the pattern – but I didn’t want it to, so hey, win-win.  My hubs asks me if I’m heading to Colorado whenever I wear it!

I also made a sweater!  I found this gorgeous ombrĂ© grey knit at JoAnns and I honestly couldn’t walk away.  I thought I would make a wrap to use at work, but then inspiration struck in the form of this pin.  It’s not exact, but I love it!  My photobomber in the background.  I made my bestie take pictures for me.  Its good that she patient, because I was not!  My mouth looks weird because I’m saying, “that’s enough.”  Haha.

Not sure what is going on with my face here – but what evs. Here’s a photo of it on the cutting table.  Basically, a kimono sleeve top with a funnel neck.  No pattern.  I love it.

Whew!  I hope I haven’t overloaded you!  But I’ve missed the blog!  I’ll leave you with the pic of our NYC Marathon medals.  We’re rather pleased with ourselves, aren’t we?  I think those smiles are relief at being able to sit down finally!  : )


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