Case of the crazy

A word of warning – this post was started the first week in May!!!!!  I’ve been a little slow getting my posts up!

It’s been a little quiet in these parts…my other crazy hobby took over for a few weeks…running.  Two weeks ago, I ran the Petersburg Historic Half Marathon.  Let’s just say my training has been less than stellar…but it was a great race…complete with civil war reenactors on the course.  Yup, we stopped for a selfie!  See them in the top right? 

This past weekend, I ran a relay – the Colonial 200 – that’s 200 miles, 12 team members, 36 hours of continuous running.  In total, I did about 17 miles in three segments.  We were sleep deprived, stinky and laughing hysterically the whole time!  

Yes, we run in the pitch black of night!  This was at the start, which began around 6:00 am.  We ran from Charlottesville, VA to Williamsburg, VA.  Too. Much. Fun.  Lots of f-bombs and giggles.

Up next?  NYC marathon in November!  Yay!  Gotta get my plan in place – how to a fit in Mood either before the race (without wrecking my legs from walking too much) or after the race (when I am going to be doing the famous marathon shuffle)?

On the sewing front, the weather has warmed up a bit in these parts, and I finally get a chance to show you this crazy thing!

This fabric is pretty cray-cray.  It’s brown, black, hot pink and red.  What?!  How does that work?!  But, I loved the fabric immediately & it’s been waiting in my stash to be made into a dress.  I had originally thought to make it into a wrap dress, but switched it up at the last minute.

Here’s a close up of the front – there are gathers along the front bust line.

And the inside.  The bodice is self lined, but I ran out of fabric so used a similar weight ITY in black.

Overall, a super easy make and very comfortable.  I took my time and I’m happy that it came out so well.

Made me May has been awesome for me!  I’ve worn something hand made every day!  In addition, I’ve made two kimono sleeve shirts, two dresses and another pair of Ginger jeans.  I also finished a few jewelry pieces.

More soon!!!


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