Fun in the Sun…

Gah, seems like a recurring theme around here…its been a LONG while since my last post.  But, it’s not for lack of sewing, more for lack of photographing.  I have actually been sewing quite a lot.  It’s interesting, because I have been sewing in multiples – I have plenty of fun and not so fun lessons to share.  Alas, today is not the day.  Do not fear however!  I do have something to show you!

So, this weekend, I took Friday off and ran with 12 of my friends in a relay race.  We ran 200+ miles in about 36 hours – averaging around 16 – 19 miles each.  It’s such a blast – we laugh and run and eat and run and laugh some more.  This is the 5th year we have been doing this and I love it.  BUT, it was unbelievably hot this year.  Seems like Virginia has been having split personality when it comes to spring weather – freezing cold, mild and scorching hot all in the span of a week or two.  What’s a girl to do when she just ran 200 miles, it’s hot and she is sore?  Sew of course!

Enter the Ogden Cami from True Bias.  I saw this pattern a few weeks ago and fell in love.  Loose, bare, but not too bare.  Perfect for hot summer days and nights.  I knew I could sew a bunch of these up for the summer.  I bought it and quickly salvaged a wadder i had sitting around.  The fabric was a wonderful Japanese double gauze that made me sick to lose.  So, this pattern was perfect to use.  I’ll post photos soon.  

As I said earlier, however, I’m sewing in multiples.  So you will see my SECOND Ogden first.  Based on my first make, I cut a size 4 vs. a size 6.  I think that I could go down to a 2 and it would fit a little better around the bust and side seam area.  No mind however – it’s still very wearable.  I cut this out this morning, took a shower, and put it on to wear!  

I’m in love.  It’s so comfortable and cool.  Also, did I mention that I made this from a fabric remnant from JoAnns?  Less than a yard!  Yay!  (BTW, don’t judge my knee wrinkles!)

Overall, I say cheers to the Ogden Cami!  A stylish, quick sew.  I love the facings on the whole cami – which elevates from a basic tank.  While it will be a good basic, it’s not basic.  I can see layering it this summer under cardigans for work or styling more casually for beach and summer wear.

I’ve been missing the blog – hope to post more very soon!  Hope you are all well!


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