Sisterly love…

My middle sis and her hubby came for a visit two weeks ago!  We live  on the opposite coast of my sisters and parents, so we usually only see each other 1x a year.  I gotta admit, I miss my sisters a lot.  It was fun taking her around town, sightseeing, and catching up.  We wore them out – we packed so much in.

The boys went fishing one day, so she and I got a chance to hang out with the girls and go shopping.  We kept everything very leisurely – slept in, hung out in my craft room and chatted while I sewed in the morning.  She sews too – so it was fun talking about patterns, having her browse my fabric stash, asking her opinion about my upcoming sewing plans. And, before I knew it, I finished the bias binding and hem of my new Wiskten tank dress.  Of course I made her take photos!  It’s so nice having a willing photographer.  She made me pose – and we laughed at my dorkiness!

The dress is made from an amazing organic cotton from Cloud 9.  Surprisingly, I had purchased it from JoAnns.  I wore it all day and have very few wrinkles!  The sewing was very straight forward.  I like the slightly longer hem.  There is a bit of pulling at the bust – probably because there are no bust darts.  I took my time, really focused on the bias binding, and did a rolled hem.

I think I will get a ton of wear out of it over the spring and summer (if it ever comes – temps dropped from the 70s to 40s!).  I styled it with my jean jacket and boots.

While my sis was here, I wanted to scope out a possible fabric store in Richmond called Couture by LK Design.  She sells both fabric and makes clothing too.  

How I never found this store before, I don’t know.  ITS AMAZING!!!  The store is tiny and packed with all kinds of yummy fabric goodness.  All high quality and beautiful.  Silks, laces, buttons!  It’s gonna be dangerous!

Of course, I had a hard time resisting a fabric purchase (or two or three):  

The white cotton will become a sundress, the checked silk a sleeveless shirt, and the gorgeous Italian ITY a wrap dress.

Check out their Facebook page and head over there if you ever are in Richmond!

And, I’ll leave you with a picture of my sis and me.  While she’s older, we look like twins!  You should see all three of the sisters together!  A great visit..



5 thoughts on “Sisterly love…

  1. Cute dress; great color and versatile style. Wonderful that you can wear it now with a jacket or on its own this summer when it gets hot. Couture does has some wonderful fabrics. That ITY you bought is gorgeous.

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