Anniversary Date Dress & the VMFA

20 years ago, I met my husband in San Francisco.  We got married 15 years ago.  Since then, we’ve had our girls, bought and sold houses, and experienced a lot together.  Needless to say, he’s my best friend and the balance to my chaos.  And, the best part, he only complains a *little* about all of my sewing pins on the floor of our shared workroom.  : )   To top off his amazing-ness, the hubs grabbed up tickets to the VMFA to see the Yves St. Laurent exhibit & made dinner reservations at Amuse for our celebration.  Seriously, it’s awesome.

I thought I would share a few pics of this amazing exhibit.  The collection is very carefully curated, with 2 collection boards from every year from the 60’s forward.  All of the collection boards have beautiful, loose sketches of the pieces and the associated fabric swatches.  Can I tell you how much envy I got looking at those varied, rich, and gorgeous fabrics?  A girl can dream.

I really love the style lines of the dresses in this board. I was impressed by how timeless the styles were – this particular board was from the late 60s.

There were several personalized dress forms – customized to the client’s measurements.  The asthetics of the forms along the wall was pleasing – I found them to be very calming and beautiful all on their own. 

Some of the clothing on display:

I’m absolutely obsessed with the turquoise, yellow and orange dress with the circle.  You may be seeing something in my wardrobe soon!  The flapper dress is all hand beaded.  

And, just so you remember, this is a sewing blog.  Here’s my outfit on display!  The dress is Cynthia Rowley – Simplicity 8264.  As I said in my last post, I’ve been sewing in pairs lately.  This is one of two dresses I have made from this pattern.  The fabric is Nicole Miller that I purchased from JoAnns.  The dress is super simple – a very quick make.  This was the first dress made from the pattern and it was a little big in the shoulders.  In my next make, I made the necessary adjustments and the fit is better.  Plus, I didn’t lob off too much on the length!  This is DEFINITELY a micro-mini.  I wear it with leggings to work, but since this was a night out, I threw caution to the wind!

Anywoo.  That’s my anniversary wrap up!  

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