Spark joy….

 Hello my friends. I know I have been away for a while. The beginning of the year has been hard personally and very stressful professionally…there hasn’t been a lot of time to spend in my sewing room or blogging. But, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought or done anything since I last posted. This may be a long catch-up post…so please hang in there with me!

Late last year, I had been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff in my home. I usually get very overwhelmed after the holidays, when I need to find places to put all of the gifts, toys and clothing the children get for Christmas and their birthdays. With my mother in law’s passing, stuff just started to pile up. And I became even more stifled by all of the things around me. I could tell my family felt the same way, because no one seemed to care for picking up or taking care of anything. It kept getting worse. All the while, I kept buying things, the girls kept buying things, my husband kept buying things. I decided something needed to change.

I had heard of the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Can I tell you how amazing Marie Kondo is? She’s amazing (and a little OCD, but don’t get caught up on that). I learned so much from her little book! A few of my key take-aways:

  1. Sort in categories – she recommends doing clothing first. But, since I have an emotional attachment to my hand made items, I started with bathroom things….she has you bring every item in the category into one room & then you sort through and get rid of what you don’t need. I had no idea I had so much stuff in my 2.5 bathrooms.
  2. Her question – Does it spark joy? If it doesn’t get rid of it! If you think about it, you want to be surrounded by things you love. If something doesn’t bring you joy, why keep it in your life?
  3. Respect your things. Everything should have a place and we should treat our belongings with care. Our belongings work hard – they should have time to rest and be cared for.

The result? About 15-20 (!!!) bags of clothing, games, toys, and household goods to Goodwill. I filled up about 20 bags of trash. Seriously. WTF. 20 bags of trash. Expired cosmetics, broken toys, receipts, unusable containers…I was shocked. The sad part – I don’t even remember what I have thrown away. So. Much. Stuff.

Exhibit A.  

Exhibit B.


Exhibit C.  

I mean, seriously.  1 gallon bag full of crayons, pencils, pens, and markers. EACH!  WTF!!??

I’m still about two categories away from being completed – including my sewing/crafting items and my hubby’s hobby items . But, I feel so much lighter. I know where things go. Objects that I love are no longer buried – they are out in the open where I can see them. My house feels cleaner. My husband and kids are picking stuff up. So awesome. 

Having said all this however, my made me Ginger jeans did not make the spark joy threshold.  Two primary (and not shocking reasons) include fit and fabric.  Pair 1 – too short and always slid down my bum as the day went on.  Not pretty.  Plumber crack is only cute on kids.  It is not becoming to see a grown a$$ woman jumping up and hiking her pants up every few minutes. Pair 2 – cheap fabric and red topstitching.  Bad.  The fabric was scratchy and the red thread looked goofy with the bad blue of the denim.

Pair 3 – like Goldilocks said, “Just right.”   

Let’s start with the fabric, shall we? I ordered the fabric some time ago from Threadbare Theory. It’s Cone Mills Denim – s gene in Indigo. All of the rave reviews out there are for a reason – this denim is amazing. Threadbare Theory was wonderful to order from too – easy, fast, and a handwritten thank you on my receipt. I was so pleased with the denim that I placed another order for the black Japanese denim on their site…more jeans in my future!

I slowed down on my sewing.  Took time to fit.  Altered the back rise & removed a good size wedge.  Not perfect by any means, but no booty crack!  And my topstitching is a labor of love…plus all my real jean details like rivets!


Can we say spark joy, y’all?

Still some fit issues to work out, like that wrinkly under butt stuff going on, but I love my new jeans.

Missed you…stay tuned for some more slow sewing!!


10 thoughts on “Spark joy….

  1. That is one impressive clean-out!! Marie Kondo is amazing, I read her book before packing up to move–perfect timing! Those Gingers…Joy indeed 🙂

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