A battle for good and evil…

So, I know the craze has been about Star Wars lately, so I thought you would be interested in my latest battle. Remember this dress – the one whose heart was two sizes too big?

Let us go back to the begining. 

In a sewing room far far away lived an evil pattern, Simplicity 1314.  Beautiful gray and maroon fabric flocked to it.  The Queen Unseamlygirl thought it wise to give the pattern a chance, for her heart was optimistic, kind and good.  Unbeknowst to her, the pattern’s heart was filled with fitting woes and angst.  It unleashed its’ chaos on her room, leaving Queen Unseamlygirl with a headache and heartache from the despair of almost-wadderdom.  But the Queen is not a giver-upper!  She gathered her forces of scissors, seamrippers, pins and thread.  The forces went on the attack!  Pinning here, slashing there, ripping seams (everywhere! whew!).  The evil pattern fought back – gapping neck lines, excess sleeve caps!  It was touch and go there for a while, but then she brought out the big guns…JUKI, the machine.  Thread was flying everywhere, inches cut off at the side seams!  Re-cut front and back pieces – and JUKI sewed it all up!  She won! She won!  And, when Queen Uneaseamlygirl was done, she looked cute. The people of the kingdom raved (i.e., work peeps gave many compliments!)..

And…here it is (sorry for the crappy pictures…I weighed not posting vs. posting with crap pics, and you can see  what won out!)  

The shoes are sic.  Seriously.  LOVE THEM!   Had to buy them for the outfit!

Here’s how I styled it for work:


(Don’t mind the cord in the background)

Morale of the story?  Don’t give up.  I learned a bit about fitting along the way & I’m still a Cynthia Rowley fan girl, despite my latest struggles.  I basically took the whole d#$% dress apart, re-cut thee pieces and put it all back together.  Grr.   But, I’ve worn it twice – and it will definitely be a key item in my wardrobe. Overall, love the look of the pattern.  I think it runs INCREDIBLY big.   Make sure you flat pattern measure, even if you have sewn a Cynthia Rowley pattern before.

And..one parting story.  Even though this was Star Wars themed….when I was taking everything apart and putting it back together, i looked into the mirror while fitting the next to last piece, the sleeve.  As I stood there, the following ran through my head:  “F&#$((%^ A – I made a Star Trek dress.”  Yes, people, a Star Trek dress.  Live long and prosper.


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