Work in Progress…

And my on-going saga of fitting woes.

One thing that sewing has taught me is that sewists must have a keen sense of their actual body and style. It’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of excitement and frenzy over the new prints, patterns, and fabrics out there.  One has to really step back and think about – “would I actually wear that?”

As a woman, I also find that knowing ones body shape and size feels like a double edged sword.  On one hand, its healthy because you have to evaluate your body without judgement – sway back adjustments, shoulder adjustments, FBAs, SBAs – are that – adjustments in fitting.  On the blog-o-sphere, we post pictures and get help.  It’s amazing.  

Lately though, I’ve been feeling a bit lumpy.  Middle age starts to shift stuff around.  My sway back needs to be balanced by a belly front adjustment.  I feel out of shape.  (Keep in mind – I run and train others for half marathons and marathons).  It’s stupid that I feel this way, right?  

I have noticed that it’s affecting my sewing.  The last several makes have been too big.  I think that subconsciously I’m making clothing for the size I think I am vs. the size I actually am.  And it’s creating fit issues.

Example #1  

The booty looks ok – but the legs and the front are baggy.  I keep having to pull the waist up.  Clearly, I have some work to do.

Example #2  In the photos above, you can see I need to take in a lot around the bust line.  What you can’t tell us that I have already taken it in about 2″ on the sides.  

So, what’s the lesson to be learned in all this?  I don’t know.  Perhaps it is:

  • Measure without judgement. 
  • Pick the right size and fitting will be easier.
  • Fit the body you have and your clothes will look amazing.  

And for me?  Stop whining and do some sit ups if it bothers me so.  Right?


2 thoughts on “Work in Progress…

  1. Oh pants-fitting… nothing like it to make you feel like a blob of a person. It’s not you, it’s the act of trying to turn 2D shapes and fit them to our 3D bodies and how much we expect these days – slim-fitting body-skimming pants with perfect stretch and recovery during our life activities. That’s a lot to ask of a body, a pattern and some cloth! But I heartily agree with your lesson – knowing your figure and fitting it accordingly is the first step.

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