Fall in…

Love!  I think I mentioned that fall has rolled into Richmond.  The leaves are turning colors and dropping, the temperatures have lowered, and we’ve been getting a lot of rain.  It’s awesome.  It makes me want to snuggle right up to my sewing machine and sew.  Which I have been doing – and I have lots to show you!

I recently moved offices and I am back downtown.  This requires a three block walk from my parking lot to my building.  I don’t mind it, but when it rains – it can be a pain.  I’ve been wearing my Northface rain jacket – but it’s super casual for my work clothes.  So – what’s a girl to do right?  I *had* to make one right?

I purchased some quilted green fabric from Joanns.  The pattern reminds me of a peacock.  The fabric wasn’t water proof, so I bought some Nik-wax and went to town.  Nik-wax is a product that many outdoors people use to waterproof Gortex.  This fabric was a polyester – so I decided to give it a go.  The application is pretty simple.  Spray thoroughly and wait. Viola!  

I cut all of the pieces out and did two rounds of spray.  Make sure you lay something down – or you may end up with a mess.  Don’t ask! 

Other than that, the jacket itself was pretty straightforward.  The pattern is the #tamarackjacket from Grainline.  Since i purchased a pre-quilted fabric, I saved a lot of time.  But, I know I’m going to want to make a version where I do the quilting.  I cut a size 6.  Per my normal experience with Grainline patterns, I probably should have sized down.  I was swimming in it!  I took a ton out of the sleeve cap, sides, and sleeve as well.  Looking back – instead of a 6, I could have probably cut the size zero.  I also wanted a zipper – so I worked that in between the bias tape.

I also turned the bias tape to the inside because I wanted to keep the lines clean.  The welt pocket has been omitted, but I may go back and add it.

I cannot tell a lie – I hate using bias tape because I suck at using it!   It looks a little wobbly up close.  : (

And, here it is!

 I think the back is a bit bumpy.  That may be from the fact that the fabric is stiff or the size is too big. (That’s what she said! – sorry!  Couldn’t resist!). 

Below you can see the front.  I also made the infinity scarf – SO easy – I need more!!!  

All in all, I LOVE this jacket.  I’ve worn it almost every day and have gotten a ton of compliments on it.  Win!  Plus, it’s warm for those cool fall days & waterproof!




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