I’m a little late – but I can’t resist posting about the kids costumes this year.  I love Halloween.  My mother used to make me the most fantastic costumes – Angels, Devils, mice, clowns, punk rock – always unique and exactly what I wanted.  So, since the girls were born, I’ve always looked forward to making their costumes.  

Of course, for the first several years of their lives, my mom made them – and from 3,000 miles away – she always got the size and fit perfect.  She loves making costumes too!  Then, as the girls got bigger, we split the work.  She would make one and I would make the other.  It was a fun ritual for us to share on opposite sides of the country – sewing for the girls we both love and adore.  Last year was the first year I was on my own.  Mom had rotator cup surgery and wasn’t able to sew.  This year, she’s slowed down a bit – and sewing doesn’t happen as much for her. But, I think she would be proud of how I represented!


  May I present the Mad Hatter and Totoro?

The Mad Hatter jacket is from an old BurdaStyle magazine.  I cut a size 140 and it worked perfectly!  The Totoro costume is McCalls 6106.  I shortened the legs quite a bit and omitted the leg and arm cuffs.  She loved it!!

So, there you have it!  On to Thanksgiving!

Me – in a witch hat my mom made a few years ago.  Love you mom!  Halloween will always be our thing.


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