Ladies who lunch…

Took the day off last week and talked my hubby into having lunch with me.  It was a rare and much needed break in the day.  We are always running – so it’s nice to have some one on one time together without the kiddos.  If you are ever in Richmond, VA, you must eat at Lunch/Supper.  Soooooo good!  I had the braised short rib, macaroni, onion ring and bacon sandwich.  Wrong, but so right.  Yum!

Here’s a pic of the hubs!  

How cute is that boot glass?  I need some!

The weather has been slowly turning cooler here.  I have to say – I love the fall.  Sweaters, layers, cozy wraps – yay for fall fashion.  I have been jonesing on wraps – they seem to be all the rage on that blasted site Pinterest.  Honestly, I’ve been single tracked on the notion of owning a gazillion.

They are incredibly easy to make.  It’s stupid how easy.  And the result? Perfection!  I thought I would try to explain how I did it..but I neglected to take a ton of pictures – sorry!

  I purchased some sweater knit – very lightweight.  About 1 1/2 yards, but you can do less or more, depending on the amount of deal you want.  I left the fabric doubled on the fold.  Sew both short ends.   Fold in half lengthwise.  Basically you should have a square or a smaller rectangle.

Decide how big you want your head hole to be.  You will use the unsewen long end for this.  The head hole will be on the folded edge corner.  I think my head hole is about 7 inches.  

Now, this is the tricky part.  Sew the right sides together in a loop around the head hole.  Then, turn right side out.  You’ll have a big triangle with a section seen together in the middle.  Fold back in half and pull the right sides through and sew opposite sides together – like bagging a lining.  Do both sides- leaving a little slot to pull everything back through to the right side & slip stitch!  Viola!!

Some not so elegant and fashionable pictures.  I love it – but I’m not as cool as those Pinterest models!  Lol!   


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