I just need to say, every person in my family did NOT like this make.  I REALLY like it.  So, be forewarned- mixed opinions may follow.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?  I bought this fabric at JoAnns – in my quest to replace my work shirts.  No ironing, fun print, check!  I bought enough to make an Archer or Granville.  It languished on my sewing table.  Something kept telling me, “Dress.  Dress.”  I asked my husband – “Dress or shirt?”  He agreed – dress.

So – to the pattern archive I went!  I wanted something simple that did not complicate the print.  After several days, I landed on Simplicity 2472.  I have a serious love of all patterns Cynthia Rowley!

 I used this pattern to make one of my first tops…before I knew better about measuring, sewing needles, and all other things sewing.  Needless to say, I chopped the bottom of the dress off & I still wear that top!

I made a size 4 (there is a TON of ease on this dress!!).  The only modification I made was to grade out to an a-line – about an inch from waist to hem.  I also shortened the length approximately 2 inches. Otherwise, no other changes.  Takes about an hour to make!? Score!  I LOVED it.  And then…

I walked downstairs.  Everyone was on their electronics.  Eventually, the husband looked up.  No response.  “You don’t like it?”  “It’s not my favorite.”

Youngest daughter: “Its not your style.”

Me to Oldest Daughter: “And what do you think?”

Peeling her eyes away reluctantly: “it’s kinda crazy.”

And, there you have it.  No family love.  But I like it – and wore it today.  So there!!   


It’s lightweight and will be great in the spring, summer and fall.  I can definitely layer it with tights!  Oh, yeah – label worthy!



8 thoughts on “Spotted…

  1. I agree with the sleeve shape, maybe without the band it may be better (or worse!) but otherwise I think this is a really lovely dress on you and love the print.

  2. I love all Cynthia Rowley patterns too so I am a bit biased when I say “I love that dress!” I would wear it and btw my husband often gives me “meh” reviews but what does he know, my girls still love anything I make so for what its worth…

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