I have been sewing my little heart out, but I definitely haven’t been blogging as much as I have been sewing!  One of my recent projects was not attire, but trying to refreshen my couch and chair in my living room.

We’ve had the couch for about 15 years. It’s a high quality down couch that has survived (mostly) my kids jumping, bouncing, and playing on it.  Oh, and let’s not get started on the fort pillows. In addition, my hubby and I claim our corners and it’s done a fine job of molding our booties.  I get my best sleep on this couch.  Seriously. Someone once told me, “you need a good nap couch or how will you know you’re napping.”  Total, perfect, wonderful advice.  This is my nap couch.  But lately, it’s looking a little sad.  Like a bird missing half its feathers sad.

I went on line (ahem, Pinterest) and did a little research.  I found a tute, bought some stuffing and fixed my saggy pillows!  And it really wasn’t too hard!!!  

Those back cushions used to sag so much!  I didn’t take a before photo & I’m kicking myself!!  I also recovered the throw pillows too – recycling the zippers.  The fabric is a scrap from Joann’s – love it!!!  I still need to work on the seat cushions, but this will allow me to wait another year or so before getting a new couch!

I also had a very comfy, but super raggedy reading chair.  It’s 10 years old – but good quality from Ethan Allen.  The fabric had worn through on the arms, the piping was coming out of the cushion.  It was S.A.D.  Luckily, I happened to have about 6 yards of two different upholstery fabrics in my stash (over 6-7 years old – don’t ask).  It was a rainy weekend, I asked the girls which one they liked, and I went to town.  Basically, I draped the fabric, pinned, cut, sewed, pinned, cut, sewed until I got it right.  Below is a work in progress.

I can’t lie.  There is a little blood on the inside of the cover from my finger being pricked by a needle!  I didn’t feel my finger tips for over a week!

The sewing and fit aren’t perfect – and, to my eye- a little janky, but non-sewing perfectionists won’t notice.  The fabric was nubby and hides a lot of imperfection.  Thank goodness!!!  Again, saving myself from having to buy a new chair – so it will do!

I recycled the piping and zipper from the old cushion.  I keep yelling at the girls – “it’s not a jumping chair!!!!!”

The fabric is cozy – and the family approves – so that imperfection on the left only bugs me!  And, who am I kidding?  It bugs the shit outta me! I’ll fix it eventually!

Overall, a total challenge for me, but helped me to refresh and improve without spending a ton!!!


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