Shiny fish scales….

ok.  Not a great title for my post, but I’m lacking title creativity!  We’ve been busy in these parts!  End of summer means vacation.  We recently got back from visiting my family in California.  It was a great trip and the girls had a wonderful time with their grandparents and aunties.  So spoiled!  DH and I got the chance to drink lots of wine, take a wine blending class, eat lots, and see a lot.  I really wanted to get to Britex fabrics in SF – but unfortunately, there was not a lot of time.  I did however get to the Japanese Tea Gardens in GG Park.  It’s a shame I’ve never been before – especially when I used to live two blocks from the park.

Some pictures from the trip:

   We had a great time!!!!

On the sewing front, I’ve been a busy bee.  I  purchased the fabric as part of operation “replace pit stain shirt”.  It’s a shiny, silk like polyester – wash and wear – which makes it both a great option for travel and a busy life.  I also like that it has a little Japanese vibe – which is a nod to my heritage.  The scales remind me of the coy fish that we saw in the Japanese Tea Gardens.  I have to say, when I brought the fabric home – I was like “WTF were you thinking?  That’s a lot of shiny fish scale fabric.”  There is nothing like fabric buying remorse – am I right?

Determined not to let it sit in my stash, I plunged ahead.  Recently, I blogged about the free pattern I got from Spit Up and Stiletto.  I had such great success, I decided to try the Atalie Top.  The pattern calls for a stiff, structured fabric.  But, it reminded me of the flowy tunic tops that are all the rage right now, so I threw caution to the wind and decided to use a soft, unstructured fabric. But, I am glad I did – while not my usual style – I really love this top – shiny fish scales and all.

On the construction front, I used French seams throughout.  Everything is neat and tidy.    

There is a front placket which I love.  It was a bit of a Beyotch to put it!!!  Grr.  But the end product was worth it!!  The buttons where a tough choice.  I went back and forth between little pearl buttons or tortoise shell buttons.  In the end, I opted for very simple, very tiny white buttons.  I think they work well and don’t compete with the fabric too much.  Overall, a success.  I have already worn it several times – traveled to the west coast with it twice.  It can be dressed up or down.  A nice staple for my wardrobe.  (The skirt is another made me piece – more about that one soon!!!)

This is my mama. and proof that I have been wearing this a lot!! She my sewing inspiration by the way!!!  She’s amazing – can you believe she’s almost 80????  Thank goodness I have her genes – I may have a fighting chance against wrinkles!!!! 

Sometimes it pays to go outside of one’s fashion comfort zone – but you may find you take to it – like a fish in a pond.


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