Sewing (work) Basics…

My husband recently told me he secretly got rid of one of my favorite work shirts cause it was too ratty and had “pit stains.”  Nice.  He also pointed out a few more shirts that “need to go.”  Now, this is the man who will wear the same pair of shorts for years, crotch hole and all, in public (mowing the lawn).  Must be bad.

Time to add some work basics to my rotation. I gotta say, sewing basics hasn’t gone very smoothly lately.  I recently (Saturday) made a shift dress to replace an old one – horrible.  I had used the pattern previously – in my early sewing days – when fit and bust darts didn’t really register in my brain the way it does now.  Funny, how something you thought was amazing, isn’t.  Sadly, the fabric is AWESOME – so I need to salvage it into a skirt.

I had to go fabric shopping of course.  I picked up a gingham check seersucker, some plain black rayon, and blue Swiss dot cotton.  And then, as I was walking to get my fabric cut, a crazy print caught my eye.  Stripes, polka dots, hot pink, red and black. Yeeessss!  What to make?  Then, I remembered Cut Cut Sew sleeveless Grainline Hemlock Tshirt.  So cute.

Inspiration + fabric = work basic.  I used my Tessuti Mandy Boat Neck pattern with no sleeves.  It’s a box with a neck.  It will work with lots of separates.  I love it.

I’ve paired it with a new white denim Maria Denmark Yasmin skirt.  I can’t even blog about that pattern anymore because y’all are sick of it!  The picture on the right is how I wore it to work.

And…a little middle age suburban comedy for you.

What am I doing?  Selling you a watch?  Grabbing my a-cups?  IDK.  Stay dorky.


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