Granville revisited…

or, I am a square and not a pear…

I recently posted my polka dot short sleeved Granville.  The sewing was lovely, if I do say so myself, but the shirt was very Pear-y – and I knew mods would be necessary for my next make.

I posted a few preview pics of the new Granville.  I love this pattern.  I made the long sleeved version – plackets, cuffs and all.  The primary modification I made was to raise the dart and slim down the bottom.  I graded down 3 sizes from the waist to the bottom on both the front and back side pattern pieces.

The fabric is a lovely cotton from Cotton & Steel.  I’ve never sewn with their fabrics, but man, I will be again.  A soft, easy to sew fabric.  Just goes to show that fabric selection plus the right pattern makes all the difference!

Well, without much ado – some photos for you:

 The only issue I would say – I used a lightweight interfacing on the collar.  It doesn’t hold its shape the way I would like.  Live and learn.

Check out my placket!

I topstitched the heck outta this baby. The inside seams were serged in hot pink (no French seams), but still fun.  Overall, very pleased with the outcome!

More to come – I’ve been sewing like a fiend.  Some previews for you.

Check out this hot mess – 

But, I’m trying to fix the “house dress” look. 

And a little peek at what I call my “egg yoke” shorts.  

Gah!  I HATE my hair right now.  Had to say it.

Stay cool!


2 thoughts on “Granville revisited…

  1. So, I read this yesterday on my phone and my first thought was ‘what a cute haircut’. Seriously. I really like it. If my hair could do that I’d totally wear it like this. I love your Grainville. And, like you, not so sure about the ‘housedress’. The dark colors of your shirt are excellent on you.

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