My month – a reflection in friends, family and life

wow, that sounds like a deep subject, doesn’t it?  Let’s chat.  May has been a pretty great month.  First off, it’s #madememay and who in the sewing world doesn’t love it?  Lots of bloggers sewing and posting!  Eee!  I get so happy to read everyone’s posts.  Second, I’ve had lots of opportunities for fun with family and friends.  Brunches, beer runs, rib cook-offs, marathon training, shopping sprees, planting, sewing.  Third, a new job that I’m pretty excited about.  Lucky girl, amirite?  

My girlies…pretty, awesome, rotten, smart, sassy, silly…..big personalities all wrapped up in those tiny bodies – amazing!

And sewing?  Yeah, I LOVE it.  This month, I managed to wear at least one made me item a day!  I learned that I have a good selection of foundational items – grainline maritime shorts, Maria Denmark Yasmin Yoke skirts, and my tried and true Jean Hardy tshirts  lead the pack.  I also got a lot of wear out of my Salme kimono sleeve dress, my Cynthia Rowley blue dress and my ever reliable black & white Vogue wrap dress.

Oh, yeah! I actually made things too!  My second Sewaholic Granville shirt (which, I need to stop being a lazy turd and show you!), a grainline tiny pocket tank (unblogged), and the adapted tiny pocket dress (see below).

I’ve loved Ebony’s tiny pocket dress  foh-ev-ah!  I stumbled upon this great blue linen ikat print at Joann’s recently.  I knew it wanted to come home with me and become a dress!  I used Jen’s tutorial to adapt the pattern.  I was moderately successful.  I’ve worn it twice – and took it in about three inches after the first wear – it was really baggy.  I struggle with patterns sometimes because I’m convinced that I’m bigger than I probably am in real life….I usually cut a size too big.  Next time, I think I’m going to go down a size or two for this particular pattern.  I *tried* to do a front placket – but if you look closely – it didn’t come out very well.  So, I need to unpick that and fix it. I pinned it and wore it anyways.  Lazy bones.

First picture – just the dress.  Second picture – how I styled it and wore to work on Friday.  Probably too casual for work, but whatevs.  

My husband  photographer insists on holding the camera low so I look like I’m looking up every time.  I need to fire him and get a kid new photographer.

Well, it’s been a crazy wonderful month.  Here’s to the dog days of summer & wishing you a fabulous June!


2 thoughts on “My month – a reflection in friends, family and life

  1. May is usually my favorite month but this year it was nothing but rain so I am glad it’s over. June is starting out great.

    I have a terrible time with plackets myself.

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