Made Me May – reflections on my sewing

It’s Made Me May, and I always use this month to reflect on my hand sewn wardrobe.  I won’t be posting daily outfit posts, but instead, a weekly recap of life and my sewing habit.  Shall we begin?

May 1 marked the first day of a new job with my current employer!  We created a new group and I am tasked with defining and building it.  Very exciting!  What did I do on my first day on the job?  I took a vacation day!  And instead, ran a 12 person, 206.8 mile relay with my best running buddies.  Doesn’t get much better than a bunch of grown people in a van for 36 hours, sleep deprived and stinky.  You can only imagine the convos!  And, tmi, I’m a super pooper – we’ll leave it at that.  Nope, no made me running wear.  Yup, that’s a hole in my sewing wardrobe.  

The remaining days, I found that my made me items were staples.  Shorts, skirts, a dress.  Which I am glad and kinda depressed by.  After almost two years of not buying clothing, I’ve found that my made me items are pretty basic.  Perhaps it’s my style.  Perhaps it’s me not venturing outside of my comfort zone.  I also noticed that tops are lacking in my made me items. Soooo.  What’s a girl to do?  Talk to the fabric fairy!

Some pretty lawns and twill.  Just wait.

I also remade my trusty Cynthia Rowley t-shirt dress recently.  The old one was pretty ratty and I decided to retire it.  It was one of the first items I made.  I basically made it in the same color as my original.  I find this blue very versatile.

A quick pic before work: 

I hate my hair right now.  Growing it back out.  

Week 1:  Good staples.  More excitement.  Venture into something new.

Happy spring!  


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