Flat felled seams…

Wow!  I didn’t mean to be MIA for so long.  It’s been a crazy first quarter at work – and 15 days of travel in March away from home – have made me a little road weary and missing my family.  Sewing hasn’t made it into the picture, sadly.  But, I’m hoping the spring will change all that!

This week, I took a few days off of work for spring break.  My youngest daughter needed more space/different space in her bedroom. This prompted a three bedroom swap.  Did I mention I took time off work?  To move furniture?  Dressers, desks, beds, cabinets, and yes, sewing machines.

My tiny craft closet was sadly turned over to my eldest this week.  My office and craft room was moved to the youngest’s room.  Which is the smallest room in the house.  Sigh.  I thought it would be terrible.  But, it’s turned out really great!  Bay window with beautiful natural light.  A downsized fabric horde, super organized now.  Yea!  Everyone won.  Even the hubby, who has been spinning vinyl while I sew.  Double bonus!!  And the girls?  Well, they both got rooms of any kids dream.

So, on the sewing front – some exciting news – Meigan from Get My Stich On is moving to my city!  Yea!  Another sewing blogger!  Super excited. 

I also finally got some long awaited sewing time in.  I purchased the new shirt pattern from Sewaholic.  I’ve had a white cotton polka dot fabric in my stash and it was screaming to be a shirt.  The pattern came together very quickly, once all the cutting out was done!  Whew, shirts have A LOT of pieces.  The pattern was great and the instructions are very good.  I made a few modifications – raised the bust darts, omitted the pockets and shortened the sleeves.  In addition to that, I used Grainlines method for collar sewing.  I find the method in the Sewaholic version easier to understand, but doesn’t come out as neatly.  Oh, yeah, I did flat felled seams throughout.  Took a little mental calculations, but it came out beautifully.




I like it, but I’m likely to take the sides in – I’m a square and Tashia definitely designs for pears.  I may go down a size too.  It feels fine, but looking at the pictures the shirt appears rumply and baggy.  

I gotta say, I am super proud of my sewing on this one.  The finishes are soooo good it could be reversible.  I can tell that my skillz are gettin madder!  Ha.  I crack myself up.


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