A year in review…

As always, I am running late. I know it’s the end of February and I haven’t posted much through the holidays. But, it’s not like I haven’t been sewing, thinking about sewing or writing blog posts in my mind. I have so many ideas, thoughts I want to share…time has eluded me and I haven’t formalized my fleeting ideas into words. Until, tonight. 

Here we go…

I began this blog a little over a year ago. Wow. It goes by quickly. Fast. Warp speed. I wanted to go a year without buying ready to wear clothing. For the most part, I succeeded! One moment of weakness when I felt fat & uncomfortable in my pants lead to a skirt purchase from Target. I think I bought one skirt, three sweaters, two tank tops, and two pairs of running shorts. Pretty good. Everything else this year was hand made. I accomplished what I wanted to…more sewing, better clothes, and a whole lot of learning!

So.  Where does that leave me for 2015?  Well, let’s talk about that.  At the end of January I culled my closet of all that didn’t work for me.  I was ruthless.  My hand made clothing was spared no mercy.  A lot left my closet.  A LOT!  RTW and hand made.  I took some time to reflect on why my handmade garments didn’t make the cut.  Basically, two reasons:  poor fabric and bad fit.  So, that will be my focus this year.

I am also working through Colette’s wardrobe architect – and really trying to define my style.  I’ve come to realize it’s classic, fitted, conservative with a little flair.  Check out my style board on Pinterest….you get the gist.

More projects and photos to come.  Just wanted you to know I wasn’t gone off the face of the earth!


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