The “I Hate You” Dress

This dress has been vexing me. I know it turned out cute, but I hated it the whole time I was making it. Have you ever had a project like that? Argh. So frustrating.

Let me tell you my tale:

On a dark and stormy afternoon (really, it was – VA summer rain showers are no joke), I was trapped in Jo-Ann’s, buying fabric (this was B.D – before diet). I purchased some great light weight denim thinking I would make a pair of trousers. I took it home, pre-washed it, and folded it up and gently placed it on the fabric horde pile. There it waited for two weeks.

Then, inspiration struck in the form of Melissa’s Adler. Omg! So cute. I needed a blue shirt dress in the worst way. I dug out my Simplicity 2246 Lisette dress pattern. I have been meaning to make this up – so I ran with it!

I cut a straight size 12. From there, everything went badly. Inspiration, you cruel mistress.

How do I hate thee, let me count the ways:

1. No boobs = redoing bust darts all over to get a decent fit
2. The hem, carefully measured and pre-ironed, with one of my best invisible hems ever, ended up being about 2″ longer on one side – WTF! I can’t figure it out. Unpick, redo.
3. The right arm is too tight. I’d like to say it’s my perfectly chiseled arms, but let’s face it, it’s flab.
4. Said right arm gathers got caught and folded under – unpick, redo.
5. No buttons in the stash – run to Joann’s, pick buttons, return home. BTW, do you know how hard it is to go into a fabric store while on a fabric diet? Awful!
6. 6 button holes, one off-centered. Unpick, redo.
7. Button holes too far apart, back to Joann’s for 6 more buttons so I don’t have a wardrobe malfunction.
8. 6 more button holes. Two off-centered. $@)”ā‚¬Ā„#%!!! Unpick, redo.
9. Finish armhole edges by serging. Crap. Fabric folded under again! $&@@)@)@%%+^!!!!!! Unpick, redo.
10. The back side is a billowy, unfitted shape. Maybe that explains the picture on the envelope. Add belt, call it done.

Yup, it was a dark and stormy night.

PS – Melissa’s Alder really is cute – check it out! I’m going to try again, but this time, with a Grainline pattern!


I may be smiling, but it’s only because my co-worker volunteered (you know, after I asked) to take my picture. Ha!


11 thoughts on “The “I Hate You” Dress

  1. I would’ve never thought that you had any issues with it! But I totally understand. I made a blouse recently that looks great on the outside and complete crap (smelly crap) on the inside. I cringe when I take it on and off. It’s now a house shirt.

    Oh! Thanks for the compliment! I hope you like the pattern. It was really easy to adjust, if you need to.

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