Dieting and Binge-ing

Ok. I gotta fess up and come clean. I have a problem. I’m a hoarder. Yup. A fabric hoarder. Gulp. There. I said it.

I know. I know. Every seamstress has a stash. What’s wrong with that? But see, you all are enablers. I see your pretty stashes and jealously long for that print you have squished in between that woven navy and the striped knit. Like I need another piece of fabric. Argh you vixens.

So. Starting today. I am going on a fabric diet. I had my last piece yesterday (yup, bought me piece of yellow gauze – I couldn’t help it). I am going to sew through my stash and try to get my fabric off the floor of my office. I need to lose about 10 lbs in 60 days. No purchasing any fabric for 60 days and I must use up enough fabric so it will fit in my existing storage areas. I realize that 60 days doesn’t sound like a long time, but let’s just start with a reasonable goal.

On binge-ing.

Last weekend, after recovering from some horrible, awful, nasty virus, I got a super burst of energy. What did I do with that energy? Pay attention to my kids? Hang out with my hubs? Clean the house? Go for a run? Nah! I binge sewed! In two days, I made two t-shirts for me, sewed two granny sweaters for my girls, cut out four knit projects, an archer shirt, and a shirt dress. That’s right, I got my sewing on.


Here are a few of the finished projects:

My oldest has a favorite sweater. She’s been wearing it for two years almost every day. Like a little old lady. It’s too small, but she wears it anyway. In an effort to get her to wear something that is a little less tatty, I traced it off and made her a new one, cut it out, and finished it before she changed out of her PJs. She promptly put it on, and hasn’t taken it off since (she sleeps in it too – oh, yeah, and played tennis in it). Here she is…so cute!


I also made a simple tissue t-shirt for myself. I used BurdaStyle Chill Dress 11/2013. The armholes are ridiculously big, so I sewed the up at the end.



Comfy and quick.

60 days to go. Hope I don’t go crazy!



One thought on “Dieting and Binge-ing

  1. Guuuurl. I am so bad. I purged a ton of fabric when I moved (I can’t remember if it was 4 or 5 completely full garbage bags) and have sewn exactly 3 things in my new sewing room. And how many pieces of fabric have I purchased after the purging and the moving and the not sewing? 15? More? It is bad. I need to commit to the 60 day diet. I don’t know that I can sew up 10 pounds. But maybe I can pledge to double my output by making 3 more things at minimum.

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