Pretty on the inside

It has been a little bit of a tough month for me at work. You know, one of those months where you doubt yourself and have to stop and take measure of who you are. That’s where I have been for the last three weeks – evaluating myself as a professional, a leader and a woman. What did I come up with? I’m pretty on the inside. And I’m ok with me. This realization didn’t come without some tears (thank you Kristen for not laughing at me when I started crying mid-run), some encouragement (thanks to everyone who took the time to cheer me on) and some laughter. I realized through all this that I’m a work in progress, but it’s a good work in progress.

What does all this have to do with sewing? Well, two things, really. I needed some shorts and I purchased the Maritime shorts pattern from Grainline. I seriously love Jen’s patterns. I printed, cut, and sewed a beautiful pair of shorts. Only to find out – waaaaay too big. I cut my size based on my waist measurements – but alas, I was swimming in them. Pair number 2 – also excellent sewing. But also too big. But I can get away with wearing them. And lastly, pair number three. Fit is good, sewing quality is good. Like Goldilocks said “these are just right.”

So, point 1: sometimes is takes a few times to get it right. Point 2: I realized I don’t show you much of the inner-work of my clothing. These babies are pretty on the inside too! Not perfect, but damn good. I mean seriously, look at that flippin’ fly!




So. Sewing is a like life, if you stick at it, it usually goes your way.


5 thoughts on “Pretty on the inside

  1. Like, how much bigger were the first pair? Was it because they are actually worn a bit below the waist or was it a bigger margin? Thanks, I just bought this patterrn and would like to know since I’ll be picking it out by my hip measurement.

    1. Hi! I have found the pattern sizing to be closer to my ready to wear size. I recommend doing a flat pattern measurement. I started with an 8 and ended up with a 4. Hope this helps! Good luck – it’s a great pattern!

  2. That fly IS beautiful, but your stitch in the ditch work around the waistband, and how neatly you caught the lining fabric on the other side, is what’s really blowing my mind here!

    1. Thank you!!! It take patience and a lot of pinning (both of which I hate!) – but worth it in the end. The trick is to pin from the inside to the outside – catching the ditch…work every time!

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