Made me May – Roundup #2

Welp. I’m finishing out the month! Please forgive me, but there are a few days missing in this round up – mostly weekend photos. I will say that I have found this process very valuable – even if it is a pain in the arse to take my picture every day! I even resorted to asking a work mate to take my picture on the iPhone. She thinks I’m funny anyway – so no biggie. Heehee.

Let’s take a peek, shall we?
In order of appearance – 1. black and white stripe Renfrew, Cynthia Rowley pattern trousers, necklace handmade; 2. Archer shirt, necklace handmade; 3. Cynthia Rowley Pattern t-shirt dress; 4. Burda Style Pleated skirt, handmade necklace; 5. Burda Style Kasia skirt, handmade necklace 6. Burda Style Jenny Skirt, handmade necklace.

I think that the Kasia skirt outfit is one of my favorites this month. The skirt was actually in the donate pile and a dug it out for MMM. Lucky I gave it a second chance – I really liked it!

I also made a few new items this month.
First up – simply simple box shirt (no pattern, just a box sewed up). The necklace is also handmade. I ain’t going to lie…I was inspired by this blog and had to have this shirt. It’s probably because the model looks so cute and hip…not sure I pulled it off, but I like the shirt. I’ll be making another in a slouchier fabric.

Next up – some shorts! This is the Burda Style Ruby short pattern. I didn’t have a lot of fabric (this is leftover denim from my moss mini) so I omitted the side buttons and tabs and inserted a lapped zipper on the side. Instead of the square flap pockets from the original pattern, I used the inner pocket piece to make the back pockets. I could have probably put the pockets a little closer together. Sorry about the creases, but this was after a full day of wear. Don’t hate.

And lastly, a franken-pattern dress (used pieces from two different Vogue wrap dress patterns. I basically omitted the “wrap” part on the bottom and cut a semi-circle skirt and attached the bodice. I also added ties at the shoulders. This is a VERY soft knit. I finally ordered from Girl Charlee & I am so glad that I did! I love it. It looks great on (imo) and feels like jammies. Seriously. So comfy. the only thing I wish I did was to stabilize the front bodice – the knit is so soft that I notice it is a little floppy. No biggie, but lesson learned.

And, this is how I wore it to work. BTW, the necklace is handmade.

So, that’s my made me round up finale! I gotta say, I was surprised that I could wear one made me item every day this month! I am quite proud of the new jewelry that I added to my collection as well – I have enjoyed wearing my new necklaces! I think the thing I liked the most was that I felt as if my made me wardrobe worked in my very corporate life and my very mommy-active life too. I do feel as if I need more casual clothing, so that is on my “to-do list” along with a thousand other things!

I have a few items on the sewing table right now…can’t wait to show you soon. But here’s a little preview.


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