Made Me May Roundup

I bet you thought I wouldn’t show up to the party. But I told you that I would be fashionably late! Haha. Let’s discuss the first half of the month, shall we?
May 1st & 2nd – work days for me. The dress is a Burda Style basic shift dress made of Ponte knit. I love it – it’s a staple of my wardrobe. I also made the necklace (previously blogged about).
Maria Denmark Yoke Skirt modified from an A-line to a pencil skirt. It was Friday so I went a little more casual for work. I will say that I think this skirt is a little too short for the office – after wearing it a second time, I think it needs to retire to my non-work wardrobe. The shirt is the Two Hours Past Basic T shirt (see my posts about t-shirts).

The weekend:
Let’s discuss the shorts. Also a Cynthia Rowley pattern for pants. I love these. I wear them quiet a bit.
Here’s the tab front:
And I also made the necklace:
My anniversary was this weekend too – and I made Vogue 1250. This is actually my second Vogue 1250. I love this pattern. Comfy yet dressy all at the same time. It also sews up very quickly. Looking at the pictures however, I wonder if the dress over emphasizes my broad shoulders. Hum. Sorry about the bad pic…this was after a delicious meal and a bottle of wine!
Back to work:
My blue Polka Dot Archer. I don’t love this shirt. Great pattern, wrong fabric. I’m thinking of cutting the sleeves and seeing if I like it better as a short sleeved shirt. The stiff fabric makes me look like a linebacker in these pictures.
My BurdaStyle Tie-front polka dot shirt. I love this shirt. Made early in my sewing journey – it’s not perfect, but I think it’s one of the first things I made that didn’t look “home made.” Plus, it’s wash and wear. Would I do things differently now that I know more? Absolutely. But it still works in my wardrobe!
The pants are purchased, the shirt is a Cynthia Rowley dress that didn't work out so I cut it short. I actually wear this shirt a lot. It goes with many things, looks professional and is wash and wear. Score!

Mother’s day weekend:
We ran into some Storm Troopers in my Grainline Moss mini. My youngest is with me.
A new tank top I whipped out for Mother’s Day – Maria Denmark It’s Just a Tank pattern (highly recommended). My knit yoga skirt.

Anddd, back to work:
Left to Right – Vogue 1250 in Navy blue ponte, Butterrick 5559 Dress (sorry – had to take this photo at the end of the day; I wore it with a black suit jacket), Maria Denmark Yoke Skirt in a light weight wool, Burda Style Jenny Skirt (with a modified waist band). I made the necklace as well.
One day, I didn’t wear any clothing, but the necklace is handmade:

WHEW! I think I am all caught up!

What I learned:
1. I am actually surprised that I have been able to wear at least one hand-made item each day and that most items work in my wardrobe.
2. I enjoyed getting back to making necklaces. So far this month, I have made a total of four necklaces.
3. It was good to think about the clothing and what I liked/didn’t like about each item. The pictures have helped me to see which items I like on me. I also realized that I feel as particular about my inside finishing skills as I do about what you can see on the outside. I will spend more time paying attention to those details.
4. I’m proud that I can “climb the corporate ladder” in my handmade clothing. I think it helps to keep me humble in a funny sort of way.


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