What’s not on my sewing table…

Whew! It’s been a very hectic few months around these parts. I added responsibilities to my job (essentially, we went down 1 manager in our group & I got most of her work). One of the customers I have now is an interesting person – I’ll just leave it at that. Plus, the first quarter is always a blur anyways. But, you don’t read my blog to hear my whine about work, now do you?

I guess the point to all this is not much is going on on either the creative front or the fitness front. I have only run once in the last two weeks (gasp!). My sewing machine is gathering dust (the horror!). I have made several trouser muslins (unblogged)…those have about defeated me.

So, any hoo. I wanted a creative project to get my mojo back. My friend Kristen showed me some adorable necklaces she made recently. We’ve both been on a crafty-crafty kick on Pinterest lately. I couldn’t possibly let her out-Pinterest me, could I? Hahaha! My floating necklace is now underway!


Final pictures soon. Hopefully with a skirt I’ve made!

Missed the blog, don’t worry though, you can’t shut me up!


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