Spring has Sprung

Woo hoo! I am so happy that the warm weather has returned! No snow. Happy! Happy!

The great thing about spring, is that I can wear skirts and bright colors. You know, like an Easter egg. I have had this fabric in my stash for a while….and I decided to make a wild flower skirt. This is not the type of fabric I would pick in my normal life. But, in my sewing life, it beckoned me.

I used the Maria Denmark skirt as my starting point. Instead of an a-line, I made it a pencil skirt by just folding the bottom in…very accurate. (Not really.). I added a vented slit and a lining. I didn’t match the pattern since it is so crazy. Sue me. Otherwise, easy, quick and happy! Yay spring!



I didn’t make the jacket….it is from Ann Taylor Loft. I do think it is a fabulous, obnoxious pink. Perfect for my skirt. Glad it was in my closet for spring!


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