Chevron Love…

Uh, no. Not the gas station.

I have been stalking chevron prints on Pinterest (curse you, Kristen). I have seen a lot of very cute mono-chromatic chevron skirts out there. Love. Then I saw this fabric…multi-colored, bright, obnoxious. Maybe my running fashion is starting to rub off on my non-running life. (Read: I wear purple shoes with green soles, bright yellow jackets, and mis-matched socks when I run….and I still think I look cute.) I always tell my running friends that I have to be loud and bright in my running life because I am so conservative in my real life. Why is that?

So, today, on my way into work, I thought a lot about that comment while wearing my sassy new skirt. I do love this skirt and I think I need more things in my wardrobe that make me feel this way: a little crazy, fun, happy, and still follows some rules. Sounds weird all together, but it explains me. Funny how clothing can make you feel emotions and provide a sense of self that you may not otherwise. Honestly, I never really gave much thought to my clothing before I started sewing again in earnest. This year, I think a lot about how my clothes feel, how they wear, how I feel in them. I hope that I can keep adding articles to my closet like this. This skirt makes me smile. I guess that’s what it’s all about, right?


A few details: This is a Burda Style pattern – September 2012 #116. It’s SUPER easy to make – the pattern is unlined, but I have made it previously with a lining. I will say that I had to take out about an extra 1.5″-2″ from the waist – that’s off the smallest size. Since this doesn’t have a waistband, you’ll want to make sure it’s snug enough. I added a grosgrain ribbon for the waistband (essentially, I sandwiched the edge between two pieces of ribbon and topstitched it. Easy. The center pleat is a fun detail.


And, I’m not going to lie…matching those chevron stripes was a pain in the A&%. But look, even the invisible zipper looks good. Ok, I only had a black one in my stash so it doesn’t really blend in.


The fabric is a cotton twill with a little lycra. It is super comfy, but the back of the skirt got pretty wrinkly by the end of the day. I don’t care though…a small price for a happy, crazy, silly, conservative skirt.

What I learned:
1. I want to have more fun with my clothes.
2. Take the time to match the stripes…it makes a difference. I mean, seriously, did you see that chevron matching? Please. Look. I spent a lot of time on that! Haha.


5 thoughts on “Chevron Love…

  1. LOVE this — and want one. Badly. And I love what you said about it. You are happy, crazy, silly with a little bit of rule following. Can’t wait to see that play out in your clothes. 🙂

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