Let’s Talk Tees

Ok, I know.  All I have been sewing lately are t-shirts.  I ain’t gonna lie.  I love me a good t-shirt.  Especially the comfy, soft kind that you only get by washing a gazillion times.  Threadbare…like a little cotton hug.

As mentioned in prior posts, I’ve been Pinterest-ing.  I’ve found myself attracted to images of slouchy tees and skinny jeans.  I also realize I’m a 40-something woman and those models are probably 20 years younger than me, a foot taller, and about 10 lbs skinnier.  So, I’m having to figure out my own style when it comes to t-shirts.  Shall we review?

Renfrew.  Love this pattern.  I blogged about my striped version previously.  I also made  a cowl neck version earlier this year in a blue sweater knit.  I wear  both versions quite a bit. I do find the Renfrew a little on the short side.  I generally lengthen it.  I also think that the neckband is a little wider than I like for my tastes.  Both are very easy fixes.  I do love Tashia’s method of inserting a neckband.

Blank Canvas T.  It’s FREE.  A simple kimono sleeve t shirt.  These also get a lot of wear since making.  I previously blogged about the black and brown striped version.  This grey version is a sweater knit.  The fabric doesn’t wear very well – it’s pilling in places.  But, it’s conservative enough for me to wear it to work.  I’ll make more of these for sure…but looking at the pictures, I’ll probably lengthen it a bit next time.


McCalls Raglan Sleeve T-shirt.  The shirt came out ok.  This is an example of two things – 1.  The pattern fit SUCKED.  A lot.  HUGE and I made the xs.  I don’t even know the pattern number because I threw the thing away.  This is the second time I attempted a simple tshirt from McCalls and both times, too BIG.  Never again.  2.  Fabric choice.  The fabric I used didn’t have enough stretch.   Sigh.  It’s a cute top…but not by favorite.  (I just put it in the donation pile…I just don’t love it.)


I did by an independent pattern for a raglan t-shirt.  Hopefully, my luck will be better with that one.

Simplicity 2054 – Cynthia Rowley T-shirt dress.  Love this dress.  Love this pattern.  I know, it’s so simple.  Why do I need a pattern to make this thing?  Well, it was cheap and I am lazy.  I will be making more of this dress.  The only future adjustment I will make will be to the sleeve cap.  There’s a lot of extra ease.  Otherwise, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  I think that I’ll make some shirts with this pattern.


Doe and Deer’s Plaintain T-Shirt.   It’s FREE.  Get it!  There are a lot of cute versions out there.  I have made a grey version and a turquoise version.  For my tastes, there is too much flare at the bottom of the shirt.  But, in my second version, I narrowed the flare down and did the short sleeve version.  See picture below.  It’s a well drafted pattern.  I love the neckline (though many people say that it’s a little low).  The shoulders fit very nicely.
(Btw, those are my Jalie jeans.)

Grainline’s Hemlock T-shirt.  It’s FREE.  Get it!  It’s so simple, so comfy.  I cut it out, sewed it up and I wore it last night to a pinball tournament.  The whole thing takes about 30 minutes to sew.  Plus, Grainline patterns are very well drafted.  I will say, this pattern is very similar to Tessuti’s Mandy Shirt pattern (also free).  The Mandy shirt has a boat neck – which l like a lot.  At any rate, stay tuned for my Archer shirt that is currently under construction!  (Sorry for the blurry photo…it was the only one that came out).


(Oh, yeah, I cut my hair! The prior pic shows it curly…a little wild, but the hubby likes it!)

So, that’s my t-shirt round up.   I recently downloaded Tilly’s CoCo Pattern, Hey June Lane Raglan T-shirt Pattern, and Named’s Selja pattern.  I think I’m going to give t-shirts a break for a while.

What I learned:
1. Well, first off, I am a posing goof ball. One thing about this blogging thing…it makes you get in front of the camera…I am a dork.
2. There are a LOT of great free t-shirt patterns out there.
3. Don’t be afraid to try something, you may like something!
4. T-shirts are fun!


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Tees

  1. These all look great! The one you wore this weekend was super cute — as is your hair! I agree that the blue dress makes you look tall. It’s really chic, too, especially with the boots. Not sure where you find the time to sew your own fab wardrobe. You go, girl!

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