Yoga skirt

Sorry, I’ve been MIA recently. It’s my busy time at work, so I’ve really lacked the energy to sew once I’ve gotten home. I did manage to squeeze in a quick little project with some leftover knit. I’ve been on a knit kick lately. One thing about sewing with a certain type of fabric over and over is that it’s easier to perfect techniques and get a sense of how the fabric will behave. I can truly say that I know how to work with knits now! That makes me happy!

Shall we check out my skirt? I used the skirt pattern pieces from my girls’ Skater Dress pattern (unblogged). The pattern was really large on my kids. The dresses came out cute, but they were definitely oversized. The skirt pieces had a nice shape, and I’ve been seeing lovely adult version Lady Skater dresses out there….sooooo….I tried the kids version pattern pieces for me! For the waist band, I used the Sew Mama Sew yoga waistband tutorial. Brilliant! Now I have a super comfy skirt to wear!



I will make tons more of these! I prefer skirts in the summer – these will work beautifully!

What I learned:

1. I love sewing knits.
2. Sewing does not happen when I am tired.
3. I need to work on a more challenging project…I’m itching to flex my sewing muscles!!


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