Hoodie Love <3

Does this color make me look like a carrot?

Probably, but I don’t care! I made the hoodie after my frustration with pants fitting. The fabric was a recent purchase from Denver Fabrics. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember picking an orange sweatshirt fleece. It takes so long to get the fabric, I wouldn’t remember what I ordered anyway. Probably a panicked pick to get my $50 free shipping minimum while on-line fabric shopping at work. Shhhh….don’t tell anyone. So, for whatever reason, the fabric made its way into my hands – one whole yard of very bright orange. I said to myself, “Self, what the h#$%? What are you going to make with this stuff?”

Enter Kollabora. I’m still on the fence if I really like the way you have to navigate through the site. Think of it as a Pinterest for crafty people…sewists, knitters, the other crafty people. I went poking around. Found a few patterns. Bought one. Glad I did.

This is the Iris Hoodie by schnittchen patterns. Love this pattern! Well. Mostly. I’ll get to that shortly. But let’s look at some better, less goofy pictures, shall we?
Ok, better perhaps, less goofy, no. Like my model stare? So sexy right? HAHA.

Ok, I love this pattern. I will be making another. I love the wide neck – I always feel like I am being choked in RTW hoodies. This pattern does not have that problem. I also like the option to make it with or without the hoodie. This fabric doesn’t have very much stretch – so I don’t think it’s the best choice for this pattern. I ended up omitting the arm bands and the band around the waist. The sleeves look a little short because of that. My next make will be a heavy weight knit vs. sweatshirt fleece. So what do I not like about this pattern – 50 + pages to tape and cut out. All of the pattern pieces are full size (vs. cut on the fold). If you are doing the hoodie in a stripe, you’ll appreciate the full size pieces. For the rest of us, seriously PITA. Everything else was hunky dorey. Get on over, buy it, you’ll like it!

What I learned:
1. I always thought sweatshirt fleece was stretchy. Until I finally sewed with it. Funny.
2. Love me a hoodie!


7 thoughts on “Hoodie Love <3

  1. Oh. It looks super cozy. Would be great to wear while reading a nice book or out on a walk. Multiples would be a must for all the cold weather happening lately.

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