or what’s all that pooling around my legs?

Seriously. I had such good luck with the Jalie Jeans, I thought I would try to move on to the Named Clothing Alpi Chinos. I mean, have you seen these trousers? So CUTE! Generally, in RTW clothing, I have good luck with this style. Flat front, darts on the back. I first made a size 34 which correlates to a US size 2. Too, Too, Small. I did size 36. These seem to fit, but for whatever reason, I have fabric pooling all over the legs. And perhaps the (shhh) crotch is a little big?

See what I mean?

Soooo frustrating. I’ve made several pairs of pants muslins this year (unblogged) – and all of them seem to have the same problem. I have been obsessing over my RTW pants – none of them seem to do this. Poo.

I’m not giving up on these. I’m thinking I definitely need to take everything in on the side seams. Perhaps that will help.
There is some pulling at the right pocket. I may unpick that and try to adjust the alignment.
I thought the back looked pretty good (except the excess fabric on the legs) – but then I looked at the pictures and it appears as if I have a supreme wedgie. Not a good look, right?
PLEASE HELP! If you have any suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them…


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