Pinterest – or what that crazy site has me doing

Well, it’s been a crazy week back at work.  Which means little sewing on this front.  But, I did manage to squeeze in a quick little t-shirt this week.  Luckily, the weather warmed up from the teens/20’s up into the high 40’s and 50’s!  I cut the shirt out on Thursday and sewed it up while the girls were taking a shower on Friday night. 

I think I mentioned in a prior post that I have very little made-me casual wear.  On top of all of that, my non-made me casual wear tends to gravitate toward concert t-shirts and stinky running gear.  While everything is comfy, holey and soft, it makes for a very “I don’t care about brushing my teeth or bothering with anything” look.  Not exactly the look I want to portray.  So, enter Pinterest.  At the urging of my friend Kristen (who blogs over at Mama on the Run – it’s awesome, go read it!), I started a Pinterest account.  Thousands of images later (literally, THOUSANDS, people) I started to see my casual wear preference.  Slouchy t-shirts, jeans, with a little fashion flair.  Ok, not much different than what I currently wear, just a little less homeless looking.

Enter the Blank Canvas Tee.  I bought this fabric last weekend in the great Jo-Ann’s escape.  Did I mention that this pattern is free?  It’s a lovely little kimono sleeve t-shirt that works well with softly draping knit fabric.  I wore it with Jailie Jeans #1 (non-stretch fabric) and I think it looked rather cute!


lookdown blurry

And, on to crazier things. My oldest daughter turned 9 this past week. She wanted a slumber party. With other girls. Loud, wild girls. Needless to say, I survived and am looking forward to my 9 miler this morning for a little peace and quiet! Said friend Kristen – “We did duct tape bags. They are so cute. I got the tute off of Pinterest. Want me to send you the link?” Argh, evil woman. We made 7 duct tape bags. Even my dear hubby was not spared. He was on grommet duty. They did turn out cute though. (There are only six in the photo…one girl had to leave earlier. I want full credit for SEVEN duct tape bags, people.)

What I learned:
1. Pinterest is a rich and wonderful resource for inspiration.
2. Pinterest is an evil place for all of those crafty ideas that you would never try, never should try, but do. Just admit it, those people are more crafty than you.
3. I like my slouchy shirt. : )


6 thoughts on “Pinterest – or what that crazy site has me doing

  1. Giggling!! First, thanks for the blog shout out! Second, thanks for the needed-though-now-I’m-depleted run today. Third, great job with the duct tape bags. They turned out CUTE! Finally, Pinterest will suck you in! But I still think you should pin your clothes, your blog and tips. You have such good things to share about your sewing. Just look at that cute t-shirt, for starters! Nice work.

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