Oh yeah, that’s right, I made jeans!

My sewing stay-cation hasn’t turned out to be a total bust. My new Jalie Jean pattern showed up in the mail on Friday! I traced off a size R that night and searched my stash for some suitable denim. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any with the required stretch. No matter, I made a pair up in a non-stretch denim. Whoa! They were tight around the hips…I still think they are wearable…now I understand why the pattern calls for denim with stretch.

I went JoAnn’s yesterday to get some stretch denim. My neighbors watched the girls for a few hours – so I got some unexpected alone time in a fabric store. Did I mention, I was by MYSELF, ALONE?! Woo boy, I got some fabric! One of the things I’ve noticed recently is that I have very little made me casual clothing. Most of my sewn wardrobe is for work. When I was trying to choose an outfit for the blogger meet up, I have very little to choose from. So – I stocked up on some knits for t-shirts, denim for jeans, some plaid & a pattern for a work dress. Hopefully, I’ll have some things to show you soon!

On to the Jalie Jeans…cause I know you can’t wait!

A close up of my butt…haha. Look, I used my decorative stiches on my Juki for the pockets.

Gratuitous crotch shot. Check out that topstitching! Done without a double needle. Ok, if you look closely, it’s a little wonky. The by-product of drinking bourbon while sewing late at night.

And, the big reveal!

I impress myself.

The pattern is easy to follow, well constructed and has the best set of fly front instructions I’ve ever used! I did modify from a flare jean to straight leg. Will probably go skinnier next time. I will post a review @ Pattern Review later.

Oh, one other project – remember my quick and easy raglan T-shirt project? Here is a pic:
I do look pleased, don’t I?

What I learned:
1. Fabric choice matters.
2. I love making jeans. Thank you Jalie!
3. Don’t be afraid to try new things. I used decorative stitches, jean buttons, and a new buttonhole pattern! I also learned from some mistakes too – mostly in the way of wrong fabrics.

Live and learn…


4 thoughts on “Oh yeah, that’s right, I made jeans!

  1. Great job on the jeans! I made the mistake of using no-stretch denim too, mine are too tight in the thighs. From now on I’m sticking 2% or 3% lycra đŸ™‚

  2. WHAT!? Jeans! Hello, that is really impressive. Good for you. Wearing that t-shirt to model them outside? Equally impressive. It’s been cold! Sorry you ended up without any time to yourself last week. It’s hard to come by, so I feel for you.

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