A little box of goodness

It snowed on Tuesday night. If it snows here, everything stops. The girls have been out of school all week. The hubs is gone on a guy trip so I took the week off from work. I had originally planned this week as a sewing stay-cation, but that hasn’t worked out as I wanted. Most days this week the gaggle of girls in our neighborhood have tromped in and out with snow gear. It takes a LONG time to take 7 girls out of snow gear! It’s been fun, but my ears hurt. Groups of girls are capable of reaching decibel levels previously unknown to man.

I have managed a little sewing, but honestly, it will probably be a wadder. Curses, pants! I downloaded Pant Fitting for Real People last night at midnight in a fit of frustration. I’ll work on that today.

In an effort to make myself feel better, I cut and sewed two raglan t-shirts last night. One was waaaay to big (it was intended to be a wearable muslin). I seem to have that problem with Simplicity patterns. Pictures and more details to come.

Sooooo. I know I am whining. Let’s focus on the little box of goodness, shall we?


What’s inside??? Take a peek:


We had dinner with my in-laws last night. My MIL has been cleaning – and we went through a box from her mother’s sewing room. She let me keep everything that we could salvage!

Some of my favorites:
Simplicity Fashion News from 1968 and 1970




Singer Sewing Machine Book from 1926:



Buttons galore!


Lucky me. Going through these things make me feel connected to the women in my life and the women in my history. Somehow, I feel like I know Grandma Z a little more.


3 thoughts on “A little box of goodness

    1. I know! The buttons are great! I sorted them all (and washed them) – some pretty cool ones in that pile…who knew that buttons could get so dirty though.

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