Neat freaks, look away

Imagine a guest room. With a walk in closet. Imagine that walk in closet was converted to a SMALL sewing room. You walk through the door of said closet and take in all of the glorious creativity.

Look right. This is what you see:
Those are vintage patterns shoved into those polka dot baskets people, VINTAGE.

Look straight ahead. A lovely window.

And now, left. A useful counter for the children to draw and play and be colorful.


Yeah, that’s all in my head. Now you know why my friend had the look of horror in her eyes when I showed her. This does not include the disastrous guest/office where my sewing has spilled over. More on that tomorrow…

So, back to my day. I have emptied, dusted, sorted, and cleaned every surface in the room. In addition, I moved out the dresser (of which, I am oddly attached as it was one of the first pieces of furniture I bought for myself in SF). I put together a shelf and a small cabinet. I purged fabric that I knew I would never use. I threw away old boxes (anyone want an iPhone 4 box? No, didn’t think so.). The children’s craft supplies were not spared. I threw out old, dried up pens and markers, loose toys, and general junk. In total, 4 trash bags – F-O-U-R. That’s a lot of shit coming out of a little space. haha, that sentence made me laugh.

Well, don’t mind me. Here’s the “After” if you will:

Look right.
Isn’t that mermaid fab? My youngest painted it at art camp two summers ago. She’s been looking for a home. I think she looks great in my room.
Those precious vintage patterns? Oh, don’t see them, do you? Neatly put away in the drawer.

Look straight.
Ok, not much different. Looking at the pictures, I may need to replace my race bibs with actual curtains. I seriously HATE blinds…even though they are on every window in my house thanks to the prior owner.

Look left.
And, of course, I can’t put up one mermaid without the other. She’s from my oldest. She’s beautiful, right? I’m glad I have her out and not shoved into some corner. Oh, look, a counter…for the children to play and color.

Well, that’s all folks. The girls LOVE it. They have already run in and started drawing on the chalk walls again. I can’t wait to sew tomorrow!


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