A simple, sexy pencil skirt – a lesson in procrastination

So, I made this skirt in 2013 and finished it in 2014. Let’s be clear. I made the entire skirt in October of last year, except the hem. The poor skirt languished in my sewing room, waiting to be finished. Now, in all fairness to myself, I did hem the lining – but it was a little short. So I needed to unpick it and re-sew. Soooooo. It sat.

I finally got the mojo up to unpick and hem. I finished it and wore it to work last week. Here are the pictures. I think they are a getting a little better.

Annnddd, the back.

The pattern is Simplicity 1559 view F. I highly recommend this pattern.No waistband, no lining pieces. Sews up in about 30 minutes (or three months in my case). I cut a straight size 10 and added a lining by using the skirt pieces and shortening slightly. Additionally, I shortened the pattern quite a bit – I’m vertically challenged. The fabric is some kind of wool from my stash. My MIL gave me a ton of fabric and old vintage patterns. I think this fabric is probably from 1970. It’s a loose weave and a light weight wool. I washed it in the machine…it probably has something else in it as well. I originally made this as a muslin, but I like it very much and will wear it a lot.

An observation after wearing the skirt: The slit in front is cute, but it does “ride up” when seated. So, pay attention if you work in a conservative environment like I do. I found myself holding the slit closed while sitting in meetings. I don’t think it’s too high when standing. I will be making the skirt again, but in view B. Funny, I just noticed that the pattern includes pants too….hum.

What I learned:
1. Don’t procrastinate. It can keep you away from a great garment.
2. Think about how your garment will wear. I haven’t really focused on this…but it would be good if I did. Just for my overall comfort.
3. Oh, yeah. It would probably be good to crop my bathroom out before posting the pictures.


7 thoughts on “A simple, sexy pencil skirt – a lesson in procrastination

  1. Cute! I mean, sexy. Ok, it’s both. I’m jealous of your sewing ability and your week to finish projects! Imagine what you could do if it weren’t for these snow days? 😉

  2. This skirt looks great. I bought the pattern but am not sure which size to cut. I normally wear a size 6 but my measurements indicate that I should use a size 14. I am 5’5″ and weigh about 125 (give or take a few). Not sure what to do. Did you find the measurement chart to be accurate?

    1. Thanks! I definately measured the pattern. According to the pattern sizes, I was a 12, but I cut a 10. My fabric had a little stretch, but i think this style looks best fitted. I measured the waist and hips on the flat pattern. Good luck!!!

  3. Thanks for the info. It was helpful. I finished the skirt yesterday. I ends up cutting size 12. I probably could have done a 10. The 12 fits fine but slightly loose. I am really new to sewing and had a little trouble deciphering some of the directions for the vent. …but it came out well and I wore it today. Thanks for the help. If I used the size 14 as the pkg instructed, I would have been swimming in it.

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