Blogger meet up or why I am cleaning my sewing room

So, I did it! I stopped lurking, started a blog, and met some real life seamstresses! Who? Oh yeah, that’s right, Meigan , Renee , and Trena.

We met at the VMFA and saw the Hollywood costume exhibits. It was a-maze-ing. Really, go, now. Right now.

Let’s talk about how stressful it is to get dressed to see a bunch of sewing bloggers. Very. Meigan delivered with her gorgeous coat, a shirt she sewed the night before, and impeccably sewn Jalie jeans (seriously, I ordered the pattern already!). Renee sported a cute sweatshirt dress and stripey tights. Trena wore a pretty ITY dress with bold graphics – lovely. Here’s our pic (thanks Meigan!):


So, why did these lovely ladies lead me down a path of cleaning? A simple question: “How big is your stash?” I had to think about than one. Probably not too bad. But I realized I have lost sight of what I do have. So…I am cleaning and organizing. Pictures to come tomorrow.

On a side note, my friend came over today for a visit. I bravely showed her my wreck of an office/sewing room. She was kind and didn’t say anything – but the look of horror in her eyes gave her away. Sigh.

What I learned:
1. It was fun meeting up with other bloggers! I am so glad I got out of my comfort zone and did.
2. Never, ever, ever, show your friends your sewing space. Unless you are one of those people with tidy sewing areas. And, if that’s the case, I hate you.


4 thoughts on “Blogger meet up or why I am cleaning my sewing room

  1. Oh, the horror. The horror. HAHA! Please know you and your room and your blog inspired me to get back out there — with some goals and blogging. I’ve launched a new, solo blog for starters. So now I just need to get writing. And running.

  2. Great Post. Made me laugh! I don’t know if I could ever get together with fellow bloggers. It would mean I would have to complete a well-fitting beautiful garment. And knowing me, I would screw that.

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