Maria Denmark – Pattern Goddess

I have seen the Maria Denmark Yasmin Skirt pattern around the blog-o-sphere.  A deliciously simple A-line skirt with pockets.  This summer, I bought a different A-line skirt pattern from one of the big-4 pattern companies and it was waaaaayyyyy too much A…as in, very, very, wide on the bottom half.   So, I bought the Maria Denmark pattern this week on a whim and took a break from my jacket.

I cut into some lovely pink wool blend fabric from my stash.  I believe I got it from Denver Fabrics when it was on sale for $5.00/yard.  I didn’t make very many modifications to the pattern.  I omitted the back seam, pockets, and inserted the zipper on the side.  In addition, I added Bemberg lining.  I cut a straight 36 and added seam allowances – it was a good fit, but just a smidge too big.  I’ve lost some weight recently and I am still learning to sew for my new size.  Next time I make the pattern, I will omit the seam allowances.

Overall, a very simple, but AWESOME pattern.  From putting the pattern together to hand hemming the bottom – I figure about an hour and a half of sewing time.  It went together in one night, I wore it the next day.  Very comfortable, it looked professional, but very stylish (if I do say so myself…).

Not a great picture…still learning the camera.


What I learned:

  1. Maria Denmark is a pattern goddess.  A flattering, simple A-line skirt…what more could a girl ask for?
  2. I still need to read the camera manual!

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