New Beginnings – 2014

I’m looking forward to 2014.  Not only am I restarting my blog here at WordPress – but I am also recommitting to a year of sewing my own clothes.  So what are my sew-lutions?  Here they are:

  1. Blog consistently about my projects – in progress and completed (including wadders!)
  2. Learn to take better pictures…I’ve been using the iPhone for most of my completed pictures…I have a nice camera…I own Photoshop….I should use them
  3. Improve my sewing techniques and try new things (you know, things like welted pockets, using horsehair on jackets, bound button holes…it all sounds so sexy!)
  4. Figure out my own style – I have learned this past year that I am more of a tailored, conservative dresser – but that I do want a little flair and a lotta style.  Gotta figure out how to work all that in!
  5. Continue to make all my clothing (except for the following items:  running gear, bras, shoes) – I’m not officially part of Goodbye Valentino’s No RTW challenge, I am taking part!

So yea!  I’m excited!

P.S. Stay tuned…I finished a few projects last week and took a thousand pictures with the camera…my hubby was laughing at me…”How many pictures are you going to take of yourself?”  All the while, the youngest and he were photo bombing me!  This may be the hardest sew-lution of all!


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